November Update

Hello All:

How are you?    I hope you will be enjoying your Veteran’s Day Weekend.   Truda and I will be cooking at Ronald McDonald on Monday.  Yeah!   We will cook early so that we can be with our family later on.   We started to ask our friends to help us cook at Ronald McDonald as we are running out of dishes to make.   Last month, we had Denise King with Wholesale Mortgage and we made jambalaya.   This Monday, Deb Kyser of Home for NOW LLC (she manages vacation rentals, and furniture rentals) will teach us how to make chicken tetrazzini.   In December, Loann Tran of Casabella Nails and Spa will show us one of her Vietnamese dish.    We have openings for next year so if you would like to be a chef to help these families with sick kids, let us know. 

I also wanted to take this time to thank our five networking partners for their 2019 referrals!  

  • One goes to my photographer, David Robert.   He referred a Hidden Valley listing to me that sold for $550,000!   
  • Another goes to Rafael C. whom referred his sister to me and she bought in Arrowcreek!  Bonus is that his sister referred her friend to me and they are buying a house in Arrowcreek!  
  • Paul Vu, Sacramento Realtor referred a listing in the Stead area and we sold it under 30 days! 
  • Huey Huynh, Vegas Realtor referred a buyer to us and that closed in S. Reno for $485,000.
  • Tracy Tran, insurance agent in Sacramento referred a buyer and we were able to refer them to Huey Huynh in Vegas to buy a house there. 

Fourth quarter is starting out slow for us so we wanted to reach out to see if you have potentials buyers/sellers that we can help you follow up.   Please check out our inventory flyer attached.  

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